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Welcome to The Render House, where history, service, and excellence intertwine to create unforgettable memories. Nestled in the heart of Greenville Georgia, our historic events center and wedding venue stands as a testament to timeless love stories and the enduring charms of the past.

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Elevate your corporate retreat to a new level of inspiration at our expansive 100-acre historic family farm. Where we provide an ideal backdrop for teams to connect, annual plans to take shape, and executives to engage in strategic planning. Whether it's mingling under the shade of ancient oak trees, brainstorming sessions amidst picturesque landscapes, or focused executive meetings in our well-appointed facilities, Render House Farm offers versatility in creating tailored retreat experiences. As the sun sets, gather around bonfires, encouraging camaraderie and fostering productive discussions. Our serene surroundings and attention to detail transform your corporate retreat into a catalyst for growth and collaboration. Let us be the canvas for your next retreat, where ideas flourish, connections deepen, and visions for the future find their roots in the rustic elegance of our cherished farm.

Take your corporate offsite meeting to the next level at Greenville, Georgia's Render House Farm. Our 100-acre historic farm provides a calming environment where lively training sessions, small conferences, sales presentations, and client entertainment all coexist with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Imagine your team working in our luxurious facilities, surrounded by creatively stimulating scenery, while being fully engaged in the newest business advancements. In the peaceful serenity of our farm, have fruitful conversations, exchange ideas, and build relationships with clients. Enjoy entertaining your clients and building enduring relationships as the sun sets. Your corporate offsite at Render House Farm becomes a special fusion of work and play, with each encounter enhanced by the natural beauty and rustic elegance of our beloved farm. Let us be your partner in creating a memorable offsite meeting that leaves a lasting impression. 

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Team Building Adventures

Forge stronger bonds and unlock the potential of your team with a corporate team-building adventure at Render House Farm in Greenville, Georgia. Set against the backdrop of our expansive 100-acre historic family farm, our venue provides the perfect canvas for teams, whether small or large, to come together, build trust, and gain deeper insights into one another's strengths. Imagine engaging in a variety of team-building activities, from problem-solving challenges to outdoor adventures, all within the serene beauty of the countryside. As your team works together to overcome obstacles, they'll not only strengthen their relationships but also uncover the unique qualities and talents that each member brings to the table. Render House Farm fosters an environment where camaraderie and collaboration flourish, where every team-building adventure is a stepping stone to a more connected and effective team. Let us be the catalyst for your next corporate team-building journey, where trust is built, bonds are formed, and the potential of your team is unlocked in the rustic elegance of our cherished farm.

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Come and Experience the Magic

Step back in time and experience the magic of  The Render House. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, our historical wedding venue is the perfect canvas for your love story. Join us as we continue to write history, one gathering at a time, with a commitment to service and excellence that is unparalleled.

Contact us today to schedule a tour and begin planning the event of your dreams. We can't wait to be a part of your forever story.

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